Easy access to capital

Increase and expand your reach via real estate crowdfunding

Faster loan processing through technology

The loan processing is enormeously reduced through optimised processess and technology

Fair prices based on risk

Affordable loan without exorbitant interest rates

Step 1: Register online within minutes

Apply easily and fast so we have some background information about you (and your company) and details about your project and financial needs. This gives us a better idea about the goal you try to achieve and helps us understand what is the best way to help you.

Step 2: Project screening and going over needs/questions

We will contact you to discuss the project and we will look in to the financial needs of the project. In this stage it will become clear if we are your best option and we will answer all outstanding questions, so we can start the funding process.

This is all you need to do to finance your project

Step 3: Funding period

The project will be publicated and FundingShare will do her best to get your project fully funded.

Step 4: Get funding and start your project

After the required amount has been reached, FundingShare will make the funds available for your project and you continue with realising your project.

Step 5: Keep us posted and make the monthly payments

While you are working on your project we will ask you to provide us with updates about the progress. We want to inform the investors that believe in you and your project about the progress your project is making while you are working on it. And ofcourse you are responsible for repaying the loan and interest.